Practically anything that has an aroma is suitable as a give-away, for example, magic tree air fresheners in motor vehicles, perfumes, samples of body lotions, skin care products for hotels or small toilet bags. A scented give-away is the right choice to pass on your signature. The advantages are enormous. Anything which is scented automatically stands out from the labelled cigarette lighters or key fobs. The sense of smell is also stimulated and enhances recollection of the give-away advertising.

SUVA scented magic tree air fresheners, the “Forest” campaign

For the SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund) “Forst” (forest) campaign, Wilhelm Perfume developed the first scented magic tree air fresheners in Switzerland to be made using purely natural components. The scented magic tree air fresheners for motor vehicles smell like a natural woodland and are ideally suited for the target group of forestry workers. The scented magic tree air fresheners should remind the forestry workers to take care when working in the hazardous environment of the forest.

The scented angel for the “Slow down - Take it easy” umbrella campaign

Wilhelm Perfume developed the scented angel air freshener for motor vehicles in the integrated “Slow down - Take it easy” campaign launched by the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund, the Swiss Council for Accident Protection and the Road Safety Fund. The fragrance should smell like “heaven” and the angel Franky (from the television advertisement) and, with its lavender scents, should create a light aroma therapeutic, relaxing effect.

Various scented cards

Wilhelm Perfume developed a gingerbread aroma for Christmas cards for the Fabritstika and mitLinks agencies. The result was a scent concentrate which can be sprayed onto a card to make it smell like delicious gingerbread and thus create a Christmas atmosphere.

Another contract consisted of a change of address mailing for a sawmill. Wilhelm Perfume developed a special aroma which smelt of timber and sawdust.