In the case of fragrances in cosmetics, repeat sales of the products are of great importance. Customers will purchase whatever smells appealing to them again. Perfumes also serve to cover up the unpleasant odours from the raw materials of cosmetic active ingredients such as, for example, hair perming products, tanning products, depilatory products and hair dyes.

Wilhelm Perfume is also the ideal partner for small- and medium-sized cosmetic labels with smaller outputs as there is no minimum order volume of several kilograms as there is with the larger fragrance manufacturers. Wilhelm Perfume is also the right address for a hairdressing salon requiring its own shampoos, or for a cosmetic studio which wants their own skin creams.

Weleda, natural cosmetics

Wilhelm Perfume is the main in-house specialist perfumer for Weleda, the manufacturers of high quality personal hygiene products, and has developed new natural smelling fragrances for the company. The largest of such projects was the “Granatapfel” (pomegranate) range. This skin care range of shower gels and skin creams for body and facial care consists of purely natural substances.

Weleda Granatapfel Pflegeline.pdf

2b for Hair

Wilhelm Perfume developed and realised an exclusive hair-care range for the 2b for Hair business on the Zurich Bellevue Square. The range includes a shampoo, a hair conditioner and a hair spray. In close collaboration with the hair stylist and proprietor, Benjamin Zuber, a variety of different paths were followed until the right fragrance concepts were found. The results are now on sale. The case of 2b for Hair is a paragon example of small businesses creating their own fragrances in close collaboration with Wilhelm Perfume, and then being able to introduce them successfully onto the market.