Aromas are used in practically all foodstuffs. In the food sector, particularly strict regulations apply. Wilhelm Perfume has a valid organic certification and already offers a large variety of organic aromas, with the range being continuously extended.

Wilhelm Perfume is the ideal contact partner for small- and medium-sized enterprises who are looking to introduce their own foodstuff products onto the market. Up until now, this has been practically impossible as only small amounts of aroma substances are required in the foodstuffs’ industry and many fragrance manufacturers are only willing to supply large customers. Wilhelm Perfume can also assist in developing a product right from the start and has contacts throughout a well-established network of different manufacturers and suppliers.


Wilhelm Perfume has implemented a re-launch of the Yootea brand’s existing products. The previous recipes had only a limited shelf life and suffered from considerable taste fluctuations. The instructions were not only for the industrialisation of the existing recipes, but also for the introduction of new taste ideas. The project lasted over a year, and Wilhelm Perfume accompanied the process from the testing stage through to pilot manufacturing procedures, and right up to end supply. The results include the new tastes “Ginger Apple”, “Jasmeen Green”, “Lemon Grass” and “Pink Pom”.

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