In the development of perfumes, the requirements are quite clear from the start. Perhaps a niche perfume is sought, or a personal perfume, or even a commercial fragrance note. Maybe the scent is for a deodorant, a body lotion or just a classical perfume? Are there statutory regulations which must be observed? A briefing is created on the basis of all this information. The primary scent accords are then produced, which are further refined together with the customer. Wilhelm Perfume can also evaluate your individual fragrance profile. For this, factors such as skin type, hair colour and even preferences and dislikes play an important role. Every perfume contains a so-called “hook”. This is a negative note which provides the perfume with that special something, just as a pinch of salt is required when baking a cake.

“Scent of Love”, Basisnote

In this creation for Basisnote, the start-up company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), the principal role was played by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Eighty percent of humans can be allocated into four immune groups. Each of these groups possesses a certain scent preference. On the basis of this scientific fact, Wilhelm Perfume developed four male and four female perfumes under the “Scent of Love” brand name.

«4s», Favorit 05

The fashion specialist Favorit 05 in the 5th District of the City of Zurich, sells highly sought-after imported goods such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and Penguin. The “FIERCE” perfume from Abercrombie is a particular best-seller. Wilhelm Perfume newly interpreted the fragrance and developed the “4s” perfume for Favorit 05. This fragrance is used in the store ventilation system and is also on sale.


The client is a head-hunter agency for female managerial staff. Wilhelm Perfume was instructed to develop an exclusive and strictly limited fragrance for men and women to celebrate the company’s anniversary.