Room fragrances

A room fragrance presents the opportunity of transporting a logo into another dimension. Whoever orders a room fragrance from Wilhelm Perfume not only obtains an air-freshening scent, but also an unmistakable and unique sign – a signature scent. This scent represents the business in its corporate philosophy and tells its story. Such room fragrances are primarily suitable for clients who have close contact with the public.

For the distribution of the scents in room spaces, Wilhelm Perfume works together with experienced scenographers and various suppliers of room fragrancing systems. The distribution takes place via cold humidifier systems and various spray systems. Wilhelm Perfume offers advisory services taking into consideration future requirements and suggests integrated solution possibilities. Fragrances developed at Wilhelm Perfume can also be used for other applications such as, for example, soaps or hand creams.


For the Kuoni flagship travel agency on the Zurich Bellevue Square, Wilhelm Perfume developed a Kuoni corporate fragrance. On the basis of existing materials and their textures, Wilhelm Perfume, working together with the staff members, to develop a fragrance which represents the Kuoni company. The result is in an oriental fragrance with a rather more heavy and opulent note which should awaken the desire for far-away places.


The smoking ban in the Zurich Abart Club presented the management with a new challenge. It was feared that the rooms would then smell uncomfortably of human odours. Wilhelm Perfume was instructed to develop a fragrance for a liquid smoke system which would emit the fragrance at regular intervals. It was a particular challenge to develop a fragrance which is not too characteristically male or female. The resulting fragrance fulfilled all requirements and at the same time helped the club achieve a unique position in the Zurich night-life scene.


Wilhelm Perfume was instructed to create a club room fragrance for Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe. The result was an Asian spa scent. Hiltl had recognised that customers were more relaxed when the premises had their own fragrance atmosphere. Care had to be taken that the scent used was not too overpowering, but had a light note to give the premises that certain touch.

The WWF exhibition at the National Museum in Zurich

WWF celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. The environmental protection organisation looked back on its turbulent history in the “WWF. Eine Biografie” (WWF. A biography) exhibition. The first and the last rooms in the National Museum in Zurich were scented with special perfumes. The first room represented the area of rain forest which is being burned down every second. Here, it smelled of fire, burned substances and smoke. In the last room, a light paradise-type fragrance was used which smelled of tropical forests, moss and freshness. Wilhelm Perfume collaborated with the scenographers from Stahl&Traum on the project.