Andreas Wilhelm

The founder and owner of the company loves fragrances. On the one hand, this fact is very useful because he earns his living with fragrances. On the other hand, he loves fragrances because they tell stories. Through his fragrance creations, he is an author. And, he prefers to write completely new stories, far away from the mainstream with which everyone is familiar.

«A fragrance is never quite finished for the perfumer. I can create a fragrance in just five minutes. Or, I can refine it for a lifetime. One has to be able to let go. It is a real passion. Sometimes, I pursue a scent note for many years. But sometimes, I already know after just a short time that I have attained my goals and that the fragrance is finished.»

Sara Fischer

Sarah always manages to keep a clear head despite the unending range of fragrances. She is responsible for all the back-office work, including bookkeeping and administration.